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Andy Samberg’s mockumentary series on doping, Tour de Pharmacy airs this July and it looks outrageous!

It’s 1982 and “nearly every rider was on drugs” is the tone set for HBO’s newest comedy series, Tour de […]

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The MyCityByNight Road to Sónar

Whilst South Africa is descending into an icy winter, the Northern Hemisphere is preparing for its time under the summer […]

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Trevor Noah gets the “thumbs up” from no other than Mr Bill Gates himself in this heart -warming book review

Trevor Noah’s biography, Born A Crime, has risen to international acclaim, pivoting his already cushy status and career into further […]

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Review | Splashyfen 2017 – South Africa’s Friendliest Festival

All words: Cee – CeecesTravel From a festival goer’s point of view. Go to Splashyfen they said. It would be fun they […]

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Silly, stylish and satisfying

Right, girls and guys. I know you’re excited about this one. And nervous. Guardians of the Galaxy was one of […]

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Thats right, there is a CAPE WINE FARMS APP – And its AWESOME! Why, because a: the Cape is a […]

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Movie Review | Logan: A Case of A Little Too Late

All words by Lloyd Newkirk (The Dirty Mexican) So you’re already questioning me/yourself/your mother about my strange title are you […]

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The MyCityByNight Review of Ultra Cape Town

All words & photos by Kyle Kingsley Green. As most people will know, Cape Town is the ever thriving hub […]

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Lighthouse Festival SA 2017: Joy Is All There Is

Joy. That’s the overriding feeling. I woke up on Saturday kak-excited. Uber-cool Croatian electronic music celebration, Lighthouse Festival, was making […]

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My5ive – The App For List Makers

There’s no denying we’re living in the golden age of consumerism. With new entertainment and sharing platforms popping up every […]

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Mixer – Improving productivity in the catering and hospitality industry

To run a successful business there are two aspects that are indisputable factors that have to be considered, efficiency and […]

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CTEMF: Disrupting the comfort zone

Words by Dean Jones The last time I attended CTEMF was back in 2015. Unfortunately, I only managed to make […]

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