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The Black Hole – The trippiest waterslide on earth!

We love that childhood/adulthood awesome of a waterslide. We also love the facing the laser (front centre)… So what do […]

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Guys Build Mini Skate Ramp in Weed Field

These guys built a mini skate ramp in the middle of a weed field, while getting high, skating and enjoying […]

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VIDEO | Cable Snaps On Slingshot Ride, Sends Ride Into Air

A 24-year-old suffered a broken leg when a cable on a slingshot ride at a French theme park snapped, causing […]

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Join the Afriski Winter Music Fest in August

There is something missing from SA’s music calendar and we’ve found it. Please welcome to Africa’s highest altitude music festival […]

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CONVERSE Rubber Tracks Unlocks The Doors To Iconic Studios from Around The World

CONVERSE Inc. has announced the global launch of a monumental new Converse Rubber Tracks program that opens the doors to […]

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Is this the most interesting accident report this year?

From time to time news crews like to get “regular” people in front of the lens to provide a proper […]

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The Ideas Cartel – Shared Space For The Young Urban Entrepreneur!

Cartel Rooftop Bar is the place to be, you just come and see! I had my birthday up there and it’s […]

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Win a 1 Year Course in Sound Engineering at Cape Audio College, Valued over R 50 000

Stand a chance to win a 1 Year Course in Sound Engineering (Higher Certificate in Sound Technology) at Cape Audio […]

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UCL Final Preview: Barcelona vs Juventus – MyFootieByNight ;)

*** All words by Dan Fabre *** Sho, guys. The UEFA Champions League Final. The showpiece. Tomorrow. It’s a special […]

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UBER SAVING: Price Cuts for Riders, More Rides for Drivers in South Africa

Travelling around South Africa’s biggest cities easily and safely has just got more affordable than ever before as Uber celebrates the […]

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Armed Robbery In Jozi Caught On Camera!

Image from SA Breaking News An armed robbery has been caught on a dash board camera that took place on […]

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by / on May 26, 2015 at 10:30 / in Cape Town, Durbz, Jozi, News, Sport Sports News Portal Is Here!

If, like me, you spend a whack of time looking for the latest sports news, you’ll know it’s not always […]

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