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Why do women fake orgasms?

I’m kind of sad to spoil your day, but the reality is that there are many women out there that […]

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Japan’s Yakuza: Inside the syndicate

In 2011 a Belgian photographer was allowed entry into one of Japan’s Yakuza families and put together a simply breathtaking […]

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This is how to find out your UBER rating

If you’re a regular Uber user like we are here at MyCityByNight, chances are that there have been a few […]

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In response to demand from the local fans of the third edition of ULTRA South Africa, event organisers confirm they […]

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Each Republican candidate had to come up with a Secret Service Codename & they’re as silly as you think

If you’ve been following the US Presidential elections, you’d be aware of a debate that took place last week between […]

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ROCKING THE DAISIES ANNOUNCES CROOKERS AND BETOKO AT THE #RTD2015! (Porter Robinson and Vintage Culture cancel performances).

Porter Robinson and Vintage Culture will no longer be heading to Rocking the Daisies 2015. The team at RTD are very […]

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Burn Trials- Out of the Maze and onto the Playa

Quizno’s, a sandwich brand have created this incredibly funny video about the people of Burning Man. This has to be […]

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Cell Phone Thief In Northgate Mall Gets Tackled HARD!

We love it when shit like this happens, shopper 1 – robber 0. A cell phone thief was taken down […]

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Swedish Model makes video about her being TOO BIG for the industry

For those of you who aren’t aware – I am not a woman or a model, so I haven’t had […]

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The Black Hole – The trippiest waterslide on earth!

We love that childhood/adulthood awesome of a waterslide. We also love the facing the laser (front centre)… So what do […]

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Guys Build Mini Skate Ramp in Weed Field

These guys built a mini skate ramp in the middle of a weed field, while getting high, skating and enjoying […]

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VIDEO | Cable Snaps On Slingshot Ride, Sends Ride Into Air

A 24-year-old suffered a broken leg when a cable on a slingshot ride at a French theme park snapped, causing […]

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