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Dashcam Footage From Inside a Tornado

Thank you again, Mother RUSSIA! This dude was clearly delusional or something, because he decided to make his way outside […]

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This pro-marijuana legalisation parody of Grease is amazing

In November the citizens of Florida will vote on something called: Amendment 2, the Florida Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative […]

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Homeless guy from NYC sleeps with a different woman each night to keep a roof over his head

In one of the more left field stories to come out of this year – we get to see an […]

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Deadmau5 spends the night as an Uber driver in Toronto

In what was probably the best bit of marketing we’ve seen from the people at Uber, global superstar dj Deadmau5 […]

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This waiter has broken the record for carrying beers at an astounding 27 full mugs

A German waiter by the name of Oliver Struempfel has just broken the World Record for carrying the most traditional […]

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Attempted Hijacking In Chatsworth Foiled

Here is an attempted highjacking in Chatsworth earlier this year getting foiled by some non-shit taking residence, and the driver […]

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Periodic Table of Hip-Hop

I love people with time on their hands and that are just clever little monkey’s. Laid out in the image […]

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Kim Kardashian’s ‘GQ’ Woman of the Year 2014 Editorial

Yup you read it right, over all the woman on the planet, Kimmi dearest was crowned as GQ Woman Of […]

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US Soldier Wears A GoPro In Battle

If you ever wondered what a real life war situation was like outside of the first person shooter you play […]

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Grouper Eats 4ft Shark In One Bite

This was a kak day to be a shark! Not only are you caught by some dude fishing, but then […]

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Classic album covers in Google Street View

The rather clever folk (with clearly some time on their hands) over at The Guardian, have created a series of […]

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Nude Pictures Of Jennifer Lawrence Leaked

If you were never a fan of the X-Men or Hunger Games, you may just be a fan now! Last […]

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