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Top 7 Most Exclusive Whiskies in South Africa – Just In Time For Christmas!

It’s that time of the year, when you’re desperately scouring the shops, malls and the interwebs for a suitable present […]

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A LEGO Record Player, Want

Lego fans or record fans or fans of both, here is a chritmas wishlist item (that I know I would […]

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Drone Boning, the First Drone-Shot Porn

Yup, thats right, Drone Boning, the First Drone-Shot Porn! No more POV gonzo vibes, we moved onto drones! Next stop, […]

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Urban House is a hotel for hipsters

Just when you thought that it couldn’t possibly get any worse, people in the super advanced city of Copenhagen have […]

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Uber Cape Town – Barbers on Demand

Uber, the innovative app that connects riders with drivers, is bringing Barbers on Demand to Capetonians, on Thursday 27 November. To […]

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Why do we like our own farts?

Don’t even ask me how I ended up this deep down the Youtube rabbit hole – the one moment I […]

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A Mongoose Vs A Cobra

In keeping up with what has been a theme online this week of wildlife and a huge bottom, we may […]

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A Porcupine Against 13 Lions

There’s the saying ‘Like A Boss’… But from this day forth, if you awesome and beyond, you are ‘Like A […]

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Racial Comment Ends In KO

A racial slur at the Cape Quarter in Cape Town, ended up with a guy being kicked unconscious. To be […]

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Ed Sheeran & Wayne Rooney do a duet

In bizarre twist of events, footage of an Ed Sheeran & Wayne Rooney duet has emerged on the web. According […]

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BLK JKS launch search for new vocalist to open Foo Fighters concert

  One of South Africa’s most distinct and unique rock acts has just launched a fairly spectacular competition aimed at giving one talented young […]

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TRAILER | Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron”

The Avengers trailer for “Age of Ultron” has been released and all I want to say is SHUT UP AND […]

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