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Interview | DJ Siphe Tebeka

Bridges For Music gave two South African DJs from the township a chance on the big stage, that big stage […]

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Grietfest Artist Profile – RudeOne

MCBN – How would you describe your sound? RudeOne – In my sets I always try to cover the full […]

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Grietfest Artist Profile – Hello Beautiful

Kicking off this week, we had the chance to chat to Hello Beautiful ahead of the massive Grietfest event coming […]

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Dan Bilzerian Went on Howard Stern & Here’s What Went Down!

Earlier this week, mega Playboy Dan Bilzerian, went on Howard Stern for a one on one session with the shock […]

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Interview by: Stefan Wyeth  1. Saafi Brothers is has a very distinctive musical style not only in sound but in […]

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TNH Interviews Felix Laband

The guys from Tomorrow Never Happened got the chance to interview local musical genius Felix Laband who’ll be playing his […]

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Interview | Symphonix (DE)

MCBN: Hello Sirko & Stephan, thanks for chatting to us, we’re excited to have you back in Cape Town once […]

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Interview | Side Effects (Isr)

MCBN: We are very excited to have you down in Cape Town for the first time. How much do you […]

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Interview | Claptone (Germany)

Shrouded in mystery, magic and all things medieval, Berlin’s Claptone has sprinkled some of the lost wonder back into house […]

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Interview | O.T.B (Phaxe & Vice)

MCBN: You two have both got very impressive solo projects, could you let us know how you first met and decided […]

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Interview| Siopis

For over 10 years Jannis Siopis has been bending minds and souls to his unique blend of electronically warped musical […]

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Interview| Trivium (USA)

Words and Interview by Jonah Lewis Matt: Matt Heafy; Vocalist/Frontman and Rhythm Guitarist Corey: Corey Beaulieu; Lead Guitarist MCBN: Hey […]

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