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Interview| Timo ODV

Hey Timo, thanks so much for taking the time to catch up with us! Weirdly enough, this is the first […]

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Interview | Trancemicsoul

Sexy Groovy Love and Olmeca Tequila are proud to welcome Trancemicsoul to the lineup of our Secret Safari adventure at […]

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Emmarentia Live Interview – Bad Peter

It’s almost time for the day music and food festival Emmarentia Live and we had a quick chat with the lads from Bad Peter ahead of tomorrow’s big gig.

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Grietfest 2016 Interview – Proxy

We’re ramping up to Grietfest 2016 this week and had the chance to catch up with Proxy ahead of his gig in Jozi at the end of August

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We Chat To Goodluck ahead of their gig at Emmarentia Live

We Chat To Goodluck ahead of their gig at Emmarentia Live

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Grietfest 2016 Interview – Lektrique

In our latest Grietfest 2016 Interview we get to chat to Lektrique… get ready to rage!

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What is Soul Sequence? Keep your eyes out for the the name!

So, what the f*$k is a Soul Sequence anyway? If you’re into Electronic Music and spend any time at all […]

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Monday Mooiness| Suraya Rose Santos

We’re going local today and bringing you the talented (and rather sizzling) Su Santos as our Monday Mooiness this week

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Interview | Citizen Kain (FRA)

MCBN: Tell us the story of how you got into the Citizen Kain project and how long ago did this […]

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Spotlight Interview | Dogstarr

Spotlight, at its core, gets excited about offering local electronic music scene contributors a platform to express themselves. It starts […]

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Interview | Oliver Koletzki (GER)

We were lucky enough to catch up with Oliver Koletzki during his extremely busy South African tour. We caught up […]

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Interview | JUNGLE

All words by ANG What are you looking forward to most about visiting South Africa and how much do you […]

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