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Cape Town Electronic Music Festival


We have all been patiently waiting for the announcements of the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival.  First they let out a teaser video earlier a few weeks back which I have posted below and then went on to announce 8 of the first DJ’s on the bill with a another 3 announcements to follow each in the same fashion. We have posted all the acts and speakers below along with all the videos where the CTEMF crew got chatting to the artists performing at this insane event.

 DJ Announcements:

The Cape Town Electronic Music Festival is incredibly proud to present the first of four weekly announcements. As the initial announcement of the artists involved we would like to highlight that this, the first years line up is an all star collection of South African talent.

Performing artists in alphabetical order:

• Audiophile 021

Audiophile021′s gnarly sound has become a benchmark for a swelling scene. Whether producing or DJing, a pure passion for sound guides the way.

• Big Foot

The newly formed duo of 7FT Soundsystem lead man and Multi talented Big Space. The group is an amalgamation of Dub, Roots, Electronica, Hip-Hop, Tropical & Afro-House, and Kwaito. A great combination of live skills and fusion.

• Black Coffee

The hardest working man in SA House music, putting us on the map around the rest of the world. A true powerhouse and musical force of nature.

• Blush n Bass

The female duo have risen to fame in the club scenes of SA, providing the perfect role-models to any female DJ’s getting in the game today with all their passion and emphasis for music and their performance.

• Bruno Morphet

A versatile DJ and loyal lover of music, Bruno Morphet has held court as on of the finest in South Africa for many years. 1 half of Techno champions Killer Robot and 80′s Electronica pusher


Long time friends and collaborators, JakobSnake and Plaigarhythm bond together to form the potent DJ outfit of BTEAM. They are well know for their technical skill, musical versatility, eclectic tastes and sense of humour in an otherwise very serious industry.

• Chris Jack

Flitting between Tech House, Techno and Progressive House, Chris has played enough great gigs to perfectly suit any dance floor.

• Dank

Spreading himself in a all directions of the growing thugged-out Electronic Rap scene, the Glitch-Hop originator showcases his brand-new exciting live show for the first time.

• Das Kapital

One of the brightest rising stars in Electronic Music today. The youngster has already amassed a steadfast following and a slew of international interest and exposure. Sitting on the cusp of an explosive career in music.

• Dean Fuel

A solid reputation and loyal following has put him at the forefront of the South African Dance Scene. Dean has spent many years perfecting and honing his craft as a DJ and Producer.

• Digital Rockit

A trio of potent audio/visual satisfaction. DR is a force of Techno, with a unique take on one of the most exciting and integral genre’s around.

• El Gordo

An Electro advocate heavily tinged with Techno and Hip-Hop influences – El Gordo has spend the last year out of the country, gaining great insight into sound and ways to manipulate it.

• Felix Laband

One of the original pioneers of Electronica, Felix needs no introduction to most and has always pushed the envelope in every sense of his career. An inspiration for newcomers and legends alike

• Floyd Lavine

Johannesburg-born, Internationally-driven – Label Boss, Floyd Lavine has recently moved to Cape Town to further explore and express his Deep House love affair with audiences everywhere.

• Fletcher in Dub

Follow the master on a roots riddled, soundscape journey in pursuit for sonic perfection. Sample the tastes of a passionate Dub connoisseur.


Dom and Dave have been blazing a trail of live Electronica and Jazz infused House to almost every continent on the planet whilst all the time flying the flag of South Africa high. Arguably the best-known South African musical duo’s.

• Haezer

The undisputed king of Thrash Electro and one of SA’s top exports, HAEZER is as well known across the shores as he is in his homeland. A major player in the global Electronic music scene.

• Hyphen & SFR

Having played alongside one another separately for many years, and having spearheaded the rise of DnB in SA, The merging of Hyphen & SFR seems almost like destiny and the two have blazed a trail of Dance-floor mayhem over the past few years.

• Ivan Turanjanin

Ivan’s distinctive selection for quality and ability to poignantly shape the direction of a crowd makes him an unrivaled asset to music. Involved in all aspects of the advancement of all things SA Electronica.

• Jullian Gomes

Red Bull Music Academy Alumni and Deep House music phenomenon. A young talent that has gained fans and collaborators the world over with his flair for rhythm.

His fingers on the pulse of worldwide sounds.

• Kalahari Surfer

A true South African pioneer – Kalahari Surfer laid down the foundations. A detailed education in the journey of Electronica.

• Kid Fonque

Label Head, JHB flag-bearer and multi-skilled purveyor of quality, Kid Fonque is the perfect example of how things should be done, and a great role-model for anybody getting into the game today.

• Marshall

Radio host, Studio Engineer, Producer and DJ, Marshall has his hands full and manages to never compromise in taste and an quality track selection. A common and well-deserving fixture in Cape Town’s circuit for many years.

•Markus Wormstorm

Markus’s style has progressed and been finely moulded into a effortless amalgamation of Electronica and the Classical roots from which it comes. A showcase of striking attitude and moody intricacy.

•Monique Pascall

Sultry and Talented – Monique has crafted her blend of Techno to a razor sharp “T”.

• Mr Sakitumi & The Grrrl

A perfectly matched duo in every sense. Live Multi-instrumentalist Mr. Sakitumi provides the audio landscape while The Grrrl paints the visual background to ensure an enthralling journey of creative delight.

• Niskerone

The undisputed king of South African Drum n Bass DJ’s, Niskerone has carried the torch of the sound to all parts of the country and wowed audiences with his untamable skill and energy.

• Pascal & Pearce

Electro House experts flexing their DJ trade around the country and their production skills around the world. A duo perfectly packaging the true potency of an explosive genre.

• PH Fat

The 3 man Glitch-Hop juggernaut have risen to idol status in the last 2 years. Everywhere they play, crowds Rap lyrics back to them almost louder than they themselves can muster and explode to their break-neck beats.

• Regan

One of the key figures in the ascension of Electronic Music in South Africa. Regan is a DJ, Promoter, Label Boss and Events Organizer in the true sense of all the roles.

• Remy Gold

A steady fixture in Bar Lounges and Clubs all over Cape Town and true Hip-Hop head. Producer / DJ Remy Gold flexes his musical muscle weekly and keeps

• Richard the Third

The Madcap maestro immersed in all sides of Electronic music culture in SA for the better part of a decade. A Producer, DJ, Writer and Music facilitator of the highest order.

• Sibot

A heavy hand and guiding push in the Electronic Music Scene as we know it. A constant fixture in the advancement of mechanical wizardry on Live venues and festivals around the country.

• Step up Soundsystem

Undoubtedly responsible for the introduction of Dubstep in SA. Step Up has launched and nurtured many local careers in a genre which is now inescapable and evolving everyday, whilst providing SA with an unrivaled showcase of international talents at their parties

• Soul Revolution

Two Deep House legends and music aficionados joining forces to provide double the groove. Expect an epic education in House music every time these two grace the decks.

• Warm Up

The 4 man low-slung House outfit with many years of experience collectively. A seamless blend of styles.

 More Info:

The CTEMF are equally honoured to announce the following industry leaders as speakers during the CTEMF 2012:

• Black Coffee & Amaru Da Costa (Soulistic Music)
• Dave Mac (BPM & Muse)
• Dominique Gawlowski (Griet)
• Dominique Silva (Nokia Services Manager)
• Hagar Graiser (Jump Media / CapeMic)
• Hilton ‘Roach’ Roth (African Dope Records)
• Jake Lipman (sSHADOWORKSs)
• Maximillian Kaizen (Creative Commons)
• Miles Keylock (Rolling Stone SA)
• Regan Tacon (Earthdance / Origin / Teaparty / Nano Rec)
• Sibot
•Uno De Waal (Trigger Isobar / 10and5)

DATE: 30 March to 1 April 2012

TIMES: Friday: 15h00–02h00, Saturday: 12h00–02h00, Sunday: 12h00–22h00

LOCATION: V&A Waterfront Breakwater Parking Garage Rooftop

CLOSEST PARKING: Breakwater Garage

BOOKING INFORMATION: Tickets available @ Webtickets, costs vary from R250 – R100

Keep up to date the social networks by “liking” & “following” their pages:




The guys have been chatting to the artists performing at the CTEMF and getting their thoughts on the event as a whole and have uploaded a bunch of videos to the CTEMF Youtube page.


  1. So where is Counterstrike or is he not a DnB pioneer? Homegrown? Niskerone, Hyphen & SFR wouldn’t be where they are today if it wasn’t for Counterstrike & he is one of the few club djs in CT that produces his own music. This whole event is starting to reek of favoritism – something the CT scene is known for.

  2. agree with the comment above! Huge lineup, missing a few things tho…really excited for this, gonna be HUGE!!!

  3. Is there any age restriction???

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