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Anton Taylor v Shaun Koen


If you didn’t see the article earlier in the year of a fued between UCT and Stellenbosch University in which Anton Taylor had a full go at them (Stellies), well… just for being Afrikaans. Then you missed probably one of the most contreversial articles of the year. Basically, Maties beat UCT in the final of the Varsity Cup rugby competition which was held in Stellenbosch. This led to an article going into the UCT newsletter written by Anton. The article was aimed at the Stellenbosch Uni and how backwards and racist they are and how UCT is better (one of the funnier articles I have read). This started an all out online war between the two campuses. Maties hit back to which Anton replied with a little video again ripping off the Stellenboach Uni even more, all in the name of fun ofcourse. Obviously the Afrikaaners in Stellies didn’t think it was that funny. He has now been assigned to a new job:

Almost looks too good to be true! Anton will be going out of his way to prove if wrestling is real. Will Anton be wrestling Shaun Keon, surely not…. Think again

It almost seems like something out of Jackass. I will have the follow up video on Monday for you to see how badly this end. The leotard is just far to sexy for words, almost a touch of Gold-dust from the good ol days of WWF wrestling.

Good luck Anton, we look forward to seeing how things end between you and Mr Koen.


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