In a bid to raise our appeal and reach of awesome, MyCityByNight scoured the reaches of the globe for talent, much like Chelsea in their push to become a better team- the only difference being that we were successful in our quest.

Stacky has the unique ability to charm the pants off of any hard-arsed advertising executive or knee-wobblingly hot mooiness alike, without even breaking a light sweat. Known to “sip” Johnny Walker Blue straight from the bottle, Stacky also has a long history with fast and very expensive cars (not that alcohol & cars should ever mentioned in the same sentence). Basically, he is the member of MyCityByNight that lives in the echelons of the LSM rankings with ease.

When Stacky isn’t planning a swanky soiree, he busies himself with emptying out the grills of Nandos with his ridiculous addiction to Portuguese birds (chicken, come on, mind out the gutter). The people that he hangs out with are the who’s who of the jet-setting crowd and he manages to somehow stay pretty down to earth and grounded in amongst all of the glitz and glam. With a propensity to rant and rave about things as arb as the content of “please call me’s” he’s pretty much Ricky & Kreg in a couple of years.

Ladies and Gentlemen: STACKY