Ricky Bynight

To say that MyCityByNight’s Ricky Bynight enjoys partying would be like saying the Pope is a devout Catholic… common knowledge really. Having recovered from excessive amounts of tiger balm, glow sticks and fishnet vests during the glory days of hardhouse and warehouse raves, he now spends most of his time contemplating life and the problems posed melted ice in his whiskey.

Rocking a Masters degree in Organisational Psychology and now plying his trade in digital marketing and advertising, he occasionally stays sober enough to drop the odd pearl of wisdom in a post (we really do think he could do better). According to Ricky looks are just important as brains- which is why his yearly entry to Best Dressed SA Male is starting to make a little bit more sense.

Mr Bynight has a particular penchant for cars, girls, food and the high life. When he’s not pretending to be semi-famous, you can find him enjoying a sunset over a dirty martini or whiskey- 3 blocks of ice. Ricky Bynight is old school cool… Invite him out and be sure that you’ll end the night wondering how you managed to lose your inhibitions along with your panties.